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Why a Jamboree and More!


I like to stay neutral here on my blog, mostly because this is my world and what I say goes unless I’m tired and suggest something untoward, in which case, just go on with your lives and don’t wake me up whilst doing so.


Anyway, in the light of a certain speech made at a Boy Scout gathering, I have a few questions that I feel need to be addressed. First of all and of the utmost importance; what the hell is a Jamboree?


Have you ever turned to your colleagues at the end of a difficult work-week and exclaimed, “Hey Fellas! How about we attend a jamboree?”


Seriously, is that how it works? I’ve never worked in an office in my life. I’ve been a preschool teacher, waitress, store clerk, reporter, etc…and not once was a Jamboree mentioned until this year and of course, I have tirelessly researched that fact. Don’t confuse me with the truth.


In any case, is a Jamboree anything like a Hullabaloo?


To clarify, if you’re over 50, you’re probably picturing an American Bandstand knock off of that name, and you would be correct. If you’re under 50 you’re probably thinking, What’s a Bandstand? Well, you won’t hear it from me, go write your own blog about current pop music, ya punks and Paul McCartney.



According to Mr. Webster, a hullabaloo is a noisy and confused situation which begs another question; I can see why the show was noisy, but what were yesterday’s teenagers confused about when they were watching Paul Revere and The Raiders? Perhaps it was the Knickerbockers and tri-cornered hats or perhaps because Sammy Davis Jr. hosted one week. Something about him doesn’t scream let’s scream at him if you get my drift.


If you don’t, go play with your little fidget things. When I was a kid and I wanted to fidget, I had to use my fingers! And I was happy to have them!


So…Hullabaloo. It’s different from a Jamboree in that, according to the dictionary, a Jamboree is a “noisy and unrestrained carouse” while a Hullabaloo consists of confused teenagers wondering what a carouse is and if it was less confusing than Shindig.


Above: Your Grandma not screaming at Sammy Davis Jr. 


Now, Shindig, which has nothing to do with what happens when you walk into the open door of a dishwasher and create another bruise on your leg. Instead, it was another kid oriented pop/rock show that was a replacement for Hootananny, a folk music show and did anyone notice that music related shows in the 60s had odd names? Good thing MTV was invented to be more succinct and then abandon music for ding-dongs participating in shenanigans, which speaks for itself.


Not that it’s a big hoo-hah, but still, isn’t a hoo-hah what the kids call their nether regions? I don’t want to cause a kerfuffle on The Internet as I’d rather not break new ground.


Also, remember what the word thong used to mean? If not, a word of advice, don’t go to a shoe store and ask for one or, if you must, ask someone with a few gray hairs.


So, what have we learned? First we learned that a Jamboree is a noisy and unrestrained carouse and not a mixed cocktail, although it seems there was a mixed cocktail of attendees this year’s Jamboree and also, unexpectedly, shenanigans.


Also, we have learned that Hullabaloo is similar to Shindig and Hootenanny and that you shouldn’t say hoo-hah or thong to Millennials as it amuses them and may turn into a melee.


Clear enough or is it more of a Jamboree?